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  • Technical Writing
  • Digital Marketing
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Web Development

  • WordPress
  • Custom Development
  • Static Websites
  • Software Integration
  • Digital Marketing
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    Instructional Design

    • Online Courses
    • Employee Training
    • Customer Training
    • Technical Education
    • LMS Services
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      Technical Writing

      • Software Docs
      • Tech Tutorials
      • Programming
      • Linux
      • Mathematics
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        Web Development

        WordPress Sites

        With 38% of websites using WordPress to manage online content, its popularity is no coincidence. The abundance of SEO friendly, feature-packed themes as well as the ability to create custom sites, makes WordPress an excellent option. Best of all, you do not need to know code to edit the content. Once I set up the site, you, or your employees, will be able to post a blog or edit prices without a developer’s help. I can even provide training on how to do so.

        Custom Development

        Do you need custom functionality? I am a former software engineer who has worked with NodeJS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. I can build a responsive and efficient web application that incorporates the style and functionality you need. I also love building functionality that has never been built and applications that involve a lot of mathematics. Have an existing web application that needs a new feature? Let’s talk!

        Static Websites

        Static websites contain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. (It is debatable if a site with JavaScript is genuinely static, but I count it as long as the JavaScript does not create the HTML.) Benefits include quick page loads, fewer security concerns, SEO-friendly, and lower-priced hosting and maintenance. External Software and their APIs enhance a static site’s functionality, adding features such as a contact form or an online store.

        Digital Marketing

        I will make sure your website follows SEO best practices and will set you up with SEO optimization and monitoring tools. I can also set up your social media and Google local listings, making sure everything is optimized. Some web development packages also include high-quality SEO blogs and digital marketing content to get you started. I can recommend organizations and individuals for ongoing digital marketing support.

        Training Services

        I provide training services to you, or your employees, on using and maintaining any of the technologies I set up. Training may include updating content, digital marketing best practices, and server maintenance. I also provide easy to follow documentation on any custom or static website I make and tutorials on updating WordPress sites. Need training on web technology I didn’t make? Contact me for a quote!

        Software Integrations

        Do you need to integrate external software into your website? Or maybe you have homegrown applications that require integration? With the growing popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS), an increasing number of companies (and individuals) need software integration services.

        Instructional Design

        Online Courses

        I am a former teacher with advanced education in instructional design and educational theory. My experience includes working at an enterprise learning research firm, developing online curriculums, and creating learning content. I can walk you through the entire course creation and implementation process. Services include curriculum development, learning resource design, Learning Management System (LMS) selection/implementation, content writing, digital marketing, and payment portal integration.

        Employee Training

        I have developed several successful corporate training modules, including sales, customer service, software, procedural, and product-line training. Effective employee training and development can improve your bottom line! Employees will have higher job satisfaction, productivity, and competence, and job turnover will decrease. My employee training services include content creation, trainer training, LMS selection/implementation, analytics integration, employee benchmarks, case studies, and consulting.

        Customer Training

        If your organization makes or uses technology, your customers will need help. You may have a technical support team, but customers don’t like to wait on the phone. High-quality technical support professionals are costly, and low-quality support staff leads to customer frustration. Quality onboarding education and well-organized tutorials will reduce customer frustration and lessen their time on the phone.

        Content Creation

        Educational Content may include:

        • ???? Written Tutorials
        • ???? Diagrams/Flowcharts
        • ???? Presentation Slides
        • ???? Videos
        • ???? Assessments

          LMS Services

          I can create a custom LMS or help you select the existing LMS that is best for your organization/project. I also integrate your course within the system and help you with selecting and setting up hosting.

          Evaluation and Revisions

          Do you already have a course? But you aren’t getting the results you want? Maybe you want to make sure it’s top-notch before it is released? I can evaluate your existing course, make recomendations, and complete the needed revisions.

          Technical Writing

          Software Documentation

          My background in technology, instructional design, and written communication gives me the skills to write clear and concise software documentation. I communicate effectively with developers and engineering professionals to get the information I need to create user-friendly documentation for future employees and customers to follow without frustration. I am available for architectural and end-user documentation.

          Technical Tutorials

          Because I explain complex concepts in plain English using relatable examples, my tutorials appeal to a broad audience. I put myself in the shoes of someone with little to no knowledge of the topic to predict possible frustration areas. Once those areas get identified, I put extra care to break them down in a user-friendly manner. I use a step-by-step methodology, flowcharts, and analogies.

          Programming Tutorials

          As the daughter of a computer science professor, I grew up with programming and logic. As an educator, I have perfected my method of explaining programming concepts and presenting the code in a user-friendly manner. My tutorials on individual concepts, complete units, and full projects have received tons of positive feedback from learners and employers.

          Linux Tutorials

          I am an experienced Linux user and open-source enthusiast who loves spreading love and knowledge of open-source technology. I personally use Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server. My high quality, easy to follow tutorials include Linux basics, installing and setting up software, command-line programs, and Vim text editor. I also write tutorials for programming in a Linux environment.


          I am math savvy with formal education and applied knowledge in topics such as Calculus, Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics. I taught high school Geometry and Honors Algebra and am great with math at all levels! If you need mathematical content, including documentation and tutorials, make an appointment today!

          Technical Content

          My technical content is not limited to documentation and tutorials. I can provide a multimedia technological experience with articles, videos, slides, presentations, games, assessments, images, and flowcharts.

          I even write technology raps, but you may want someone else to perform them!