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Ohana's Family Boutique Site

Ohana's Family Boutique

Ohana’s Family Boutique sells pre-owned and discounted woman’s clothing and accessories. The Ohana Family came to me with a successful Poshmark store and a desire to expand. It is a work in progress, and the current goal is to promote the existing store, collect email addresses, and slowly transition merchandise into their online store.

Technical Education

NodeJS with bcrypt tutorial

NodeJS with bcrypt

Salt and Hash Passwords with bcrypt is a tutorial I created for hey(node). It teaches developers why it is important to salt and hash passwords and how to do it with NodeJS and bcrypt. Examples shown with PostgreSQL database.

Coding Commanders Logo

Coding Commanders Website

Coding Commanders is my website with free web development, mathematics, and Linux tutorials. I explain complex concepts in plain English using relatable examples, so no previous mathematics or technical knowledge is required!

Coding Commanders YouTube

Coding Commanders YouTube

Coding Commanders YouTube has video tutorials that correspond to the web site tutorials. The American job market has changed. Working Americans need access to quality, affordable education in marketable skills such as computer programming.

Free Code Camp - Intro to Logic

Logic for Programmers

I made two video tutorials for freeCodeCamp on logic for programmers– Propositional Logic and Set Theory.

ExpressJS and Passport.js Tutorial

ExpressJS Authentication

I also wrote a tutorial series for hey(node)
on Authenticating Users with ExpressJS and Passport.js. I used MongoDB for the database. Some of the tutorials in the series are viewable without site membership.
VimConf2020 - Vim as a Word Processor

VimConf Presentation

I presented at VimConf 2020 on configuring Vim text editor as a word processor. You can view the presentation slides and recorded video.